Foods That Boosts Immunity | Foods To Battle Coronavirus | Eat This Foods Increase Immunity And To Fight Against Covid-19 Coronavirus

Foods That Helps Us To Boost Immunity During This Pandemic COVID-19 |  Eat This Foods Increase Immunity & Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

We should eat more consciously during these pandemic times. Eating processed foods Junk foods helps to promote Gut health. In addition to these, we have to add some foods to develop a strong immunity.

 The Foods given below helps to build immunity power and it was used from our ancient days.

To build a strong immunity power we should eat a well-balanced diet. Food's variety also important due to the minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein  which we get from one food may differ from others,


Garlic has a wide range of uses as we know. It controls seasonal cold. The lookalike of the Large intestine ensures active digestion. It calms our mind & reduces Hyper tension. It effectively controls inflammation than any other herb. Garlic fights against neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Dark Chocolate

Light bitter tasted desserts have a wide range of properties.IT can improve your immunity. The iron-rich food which contains Flavonoids,Zinc and Magnesium.It is the best food for mood swings. Consuming 30 to 60 gms per day gives positive results. 


Due to the abundance of health benefits, this pink fruit should eat everyday. It contains, antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and folate, pomegranate helps fight against bacterial infections and inflammations. When we eat this fruit it keeps our blood pressure in check and improves cardio health. We can make herbal tea using its skin.


Turmeric is like a gold plant which was consuming since ancient times. It has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has Curcumin which gives medicinal properties to this plant. It helps to lower heart-related disease.


The red plummy fruit helps to bring immunity to our day-to-day life effortlessly. The health of the skin protected when we eat Tomatoes. It plays a major role in regulating blood pressure.

Have a Balanced Diet To Beat Coronavirus

 It’s best to mix things up. The rule is to eat a rainbow-colored diet in a given week. Each food has unique qualities, when we mix up the foods, We can get a wide range of nutrients. So chose the food wisely and get the health benefits accordingly.

You can't get bored and feel intolerant if you change the varieties of the food. Take the right nutritional food as per the calory need. Make a conscious effort to include food that boosts immunity in your daily diet.

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