Health Benefits of Jackfruit | Nutritional Value of Jackfruit | Why is Jackfruit the Best for You

 Why is Jackfruit the Best for You? | Health Benefits of Jackfruit | Nutritional Value of Jackfruit 


As all of us know Jackfruit is the largest fruit that is grown on a tree probably known as the largest tree fruit. Jackfruits are almost 3 feet long and are 20 inches wide. A single jackfruit can weigh around 110 pounds. Don’t be surprised if you’re new to these facts as you’re not the only one. The main two types of jackfruit that are available in various parts of the world are mushy and small which appears slimy and tastes sweet and the other has crunchy flesh, crispy and not as sweet as the other one.


So, what kind of nutrients do you get per cup of raw sliced jackfruit? 

You get Proteins – 3 grams, Carbs – 38 grams, Calcium – 40 milligrams, Calories – 157, and Fat – 2 grams.


Vitamins and Antioxidants Acquired by Consuming Jackfruits  

Jackfruits contain higher minerals and vitamins when compared to some fruits like apples, bananas, and apricots. Jackfruits are high in Vitamin C and in Vitamin B which is available only in few fruits and found rare. Jackfruits additionally contain riboflavin, magnesium, niacin, potassium, and folate. 


Yellow color is got by the Jackfruit with the presence of Carotenoids which are rich in high Vitamin A. Just like other Antioxidants, Carotenoids take part in helping your body work right and protect your cells from damage. Diseases like heart diseases and cancer can be prevented and eye issues like macular degeneration and cataracts can be prevented. Jackfruits contain more antioxidants that prevent cell damage and have high disease reduction compounds.

Health benefits of Jackfruit


Health Benefits of Jackfruits 

Here are few of the health issues whose risks can be lowered by consuming Jackfruits,


Jackfruit Cures Ulcers – Jackfruits contain natural chemicals which help to prevent sores that get formed inside the stomach.


Jackfruit Controls High Blood Pressure - In this tropical fruit, there’s high content of potassium which helps to reduce the blood pressure which ultimately helps to control heart diseases. 


Jackfruit Helps In Combating Diabetes - Jackfruits take more time to get digested and even our body takes time to absorb this fruit when compared to other fruits. This makes us understand that the blood sugar doesn’t increase and it helps diabetic patients to keep their blood sugar under control. 


Jackfruit For Cancer – Jackfruits contain Phytonutrients which are natural compounds that help in fighting cancer. It prevents the cancer cells from getting formed in your body.

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