Best Oils For Good Health | Types of Oils That Can Be Consumed | Best Oils That Should Replace Your Oil In Kitchen

Best Oils For Good Health | Healthy Oils That Should Be Consumed | Types of Oils 

Oils have been used from ancient days. Though they are unaware of the properties of the oils, they got the knowledge of meditational values of oils and treat the ailment wisely using those Oils.

Oils play a vital role in Eastern Culture. From birth to death People use oils, It is an interesting study to know about various usage of oil.

Oils are prepared using oil extracting machines or by using traditional methods like distillation. We can get oils from all Plants, Seeds, Nuts.

As it becomes an important factor of cooking, We should get the proper knowledge for using the correct oil. Oils should be chosen by checking their saturated and unsaturated values.

When oils get higher Boiling points then they may produce Toxic Fumes and free radicals. So we should try to avoid refined oil so that we prevent free radicals production in our body. Here we listed below some oils and their properties for good health.

Coconut oil

It is rich in Vit E, used for weight gain, Best oil for baby massages, provides skincare. Lauric acid present in this oil help to get Good cholesterol.

Sesame oil

It is also called  Gingelly Oil, which has a wide range of good qualities. This oil is used for oil bathing which helps to cool the body's heat. It cares about Dental issues and helps to keep oral care in check.

Groundnut oil

Groundnut oil has MUFA and FUFA.The density level is very low, so it is good for deep frying foods. It enhances the food's taste. Vit E presents in abundance.

Olive oil

It contains a high level of Anti-Oxidants which helps in lowering health conditions such as Heart Illness, Heart Stroke, Alzheimer's. As the boiling point is very low, it is good when we consuming without boiling it. 

Mustard oil

It has a strong pungent aroma and a high smoking point. It has anti-microbial properties, used for skin and health care, help in reduce pain, and reduces inflammation

There is a wide range of oils present in the world. But we should choose and consume based on what we live in. We should consume oils based on the Seeds, Nuts that grow abundantly in that particular region we live in.

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