Custard Apple For Cancer | How Custard Apple Prevents Cancer | Benefits of Custard Apple That You Should Know

Custard Apple For Cancer | How Custard Apple Prevents Cancer 

Custard apple is a delicious fruit popular for its soft and sweet flesh. This soft and tender fruit has tough skin and is rich in nutrients. This fruit contains antioxidants and is rich in nutrients like potassium and magnesium, which have many health benefits.

Nutritional Value of Custard Apple

Custard apples are full of nutrients and minerals that the body needs. Let's have a look at the table below to understand its nutritional value.

100 grams of this fruit contains:

·       Calories - 94

·       Protein - 2.1 grams

·       Dietary fiber - 4.4 g

·       Total fat - 0.0 g

·       Carbohydrates - 23.6 grams

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

It Has Natural Anti-Cancer Properties

Custard apples are high in flavonoids, which are useful in treating several types of tumors and cancers. This fruit contains elements like acetogenin and alkaloids, which are capable of reducing the risk of cancer and kidney failure.

The antioxidant properties of the fruit fight against cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. Asimicin and bullatacin are two antioxidant compounds that have anti-cancer and anti-helminths properties. They help fight the effects of free radicals and thus prevent cancer.

Other Benefits of Custard Apple

Better Cardiovascular Health

Custard apple is one of the few fruits that contain a balance of potassium and sodium, which helps regulate and control fluctuations in blood pressure in the body. The high magnesium content of custard apple relaxes the smooth heart muscles and thus prevents strokes and heart attacks.

In addition, fiber and niacin in fruits help lower bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol in the body. Most importantly, it prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and prevents the effects of free radicals on lipids.

Custard Apple for Better Brain Health & Combating Depression

Custard apples are rich in B vitamins. The B complex vitamins are known to control the levels of the neuronal chemical GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in your brain. It affects a wide variety of emotions, including depression, irritability, tension, and stress.

B vitamins help the brain to calm down, especially when you are stressed or depressed. According to experts, it is good food that should be protected from Parkinson's disease. 100 grams of custard apple contains 0.6 grams of vitamin B6, which is 15-20% of the recommended daily value.

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