Health Benefits of Guava | Amazing benefits of Eating Guava

 Amazing benefits of Eating

Children are still enjoying eating guava sprinkled with chat masala, It is a rock star in not only taste but also for its amazing health benefits.

Maybe it originates from Central Africa, it grows in each & every home around Asia. It grows in different sizes and varieties.

As it grows in abundance, People can get these fruits at a low cost. The outer layer of the fruit looks in light green color and the inner is white or red which is very appealable to eat.

Though it cheap it has a huge amount of health benefits. It is a nature's gift for pregnant women because it has folate.

Guava Nutritional Value

Plenty of health benefits in a single fruit, 100 grams of this fruit has 68 calories, 22 grams of magnesium,417 grams of potassium, 18 grams of minerals, 40 grams of the phosphorous present in it.

Source of Vitamin c

This fruit contains a rich source of vitamin c helps to maintain our immunity. It acts as an immunity booster.

Cures constipation

Guava has natural laxative properties that help to get immediate relief from constipation.

Heart Care

A generous amount of sodium and potassium present in this fruit helps the heart in check and helps to lower the HDL cholesterol level.

Improves Eyesight

As Vitamin A is present in abundance guava helps to sharpen the eyesight, Eating regularly improves blurred vision.

Good for teeth

Guava has Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial property prevent the teeth from decay and promote gum health.

Calms Down the Mind

It contains magnesium which helps one to reduce stress and keep happy. Try it after hitting the gym to feel the difference.

Brain Developer

Vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 present in these amazing fruit boost brain activities and help to improve cognitive functions.

Improving Anti-Ageing properties

High Astringent properties, Vitamin A&C  present in these fruit helps to improve skin complexion, skin tightening and helps to reduce wrinkles in the skin.

These natural gifts available almost every day of the year at a low cost, so after knowing their enormous properties do not forget to add these fruit to your day-to-day diet.

We can use a wide range of dishes using this fruit like Jam, salads, muffins, etc, as we said before we can taste the fruit by simply sprinkle chat masala.

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