Incredible Health Benefits of Mango - The King of Fruits | Mango Health Benefits | Nutritional Value Of Mango

 Health Benefits Of Mango | Nutritional Values Of Mango | Why Is Mango Healthy?

It's summer and time for some mangoes! These yellow pulpy fruits are very delicious and often called as king of fruits. The scientific name of mango is Mangifera Indica. The fruit is native to India and the South Asia region. They are a type of drupe fruit that is characterized by having a single large seed. 

Mangoes come in many different shades and types. Mango has a very deep-rooted history with India and around the world dating back to millions of years ago as recorded in books. Mango is not only a sumptuous fruit but is also packed with so many nutrients. Adding these to your normal diet can be very beneficial.

Nutritional Value Of Mango

One of the best things about mangoes is that they are low in calories but are packed full of nutrients. There seems to be no shortage of vitamins since they contain vitamin A, C, B5, B6, E, and K. Additionally they possess copper, potassium, magnesium which promotes immune health.

One cup of sliced mango (165 grams)

·       Calories - 99

·       Protein - 1.4 grams

·       Carbs - 24.7 grams

·       Fat - 0.6 grams

·       Dietary fiber - 2.6 grams

 Health benefits of Mango

·       Immunity booster

Mango contains two of the primary immune-boosting nutrients - Vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A plays a vital role in building up the defense system of our immune system as it helps in fighting infection. Not getting enough of them can leave you prone to infections. Vitamin C aids in the production of white blood cells. These cells are our primary diseases fighting agents. Since they are low in sugar, they make an ideal food for diabetes patients.

·       Promotes good digestion

Mangoes make an excellent food choice for people with digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea. Mango contains amylases. In simple terms, our body has something called digestive enzymes which break down the solid food that we eat and turn them into molecules to be absorbed by our body. One type of digestive enzyme is called amylases. mangoes also contain dietary fiber which further promotes a good digestion process.

Eye, hair, Skin

Mango is a storehouse of vitamin A and vitamin C. Our skin and hair need something called collagen to keep our skin smooth and wrinkle-free. They are protein structure that coats your hair and skin and vitamin are essential for its production. Mango also contains vitamin A. These vitamins are very important in eye health. Mangoes contain a plethora of nutrients that are good for your health and they are so tasty!

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