Jamun - A magical fruit | Health Benefits of eating Jamun fruit | Java plum | Naval Pazham Nutritional Value, Health Benefits and Varieties

 JAMUN - A magical fruit: Health Benefits, Nutritional Values and, Varieties

An Oblong-shaped fruit that has innumerable benefits, it may be looks small but the health benefits are very huge. It is a magical fruit that is present in abundance in central Asian countries. It is also called Naval Pazham. This fruit originated from the Indian sub-continent, now it is widely cultivated all over the world. 

The trees of Jamun look very huge and dense. Trees give fruits only in the mid-summer. It is a seasonal fruit. But we can store it for a whole year after processing it.

Packed with lots of medical properties these Jamuns are cheaper and available almost everywhere during the season. A single tree of Jamun gives thousands of Jamun fruit.

Varieties of Jamun

There are two varieties in this Jamun fruit. It differs only because of the amount of flesh in this fruit. Pectin a substance present abundantly in the fleshy Jamun. While the other variety does not look fleshy due to the small amount of pectin present in it.

Taste and Texture of Jamun

Jamun has a sweet and sour taste, which tempts us to eat more. The outer layer is black in color and the inner layer is purple.

Benefits of eating Jamun

As mentioned above there are innumerable benefits present in this Purple Queen fruit, It is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Glucose, proteins, and carbohydrates. Listing some other benefits of them are:

Fiber-rich fruit

The high fiber content helps in digestion, bowel disorders and helps in treating diarrhea and dysentery.

High in vitamin C

This fruit has antioxidant properties which help in treating wounds. It cares about our teeth, powder of the Jamun seed is used in tooth powder. It helps to cure respiratory problems like the common cold, cough, etc.

Iron value of Jamuns

It has a lot of iron content. so this fruit help in treating anemia effectively, it naturally purifies blood cells, it cures fatigue at times of mensuration.

Jamuns cure cancer

Polyphenols and Phytochemicals present in the Jamun fruit have anti-cancer & anti-chemo properties, effectively used to treat cancer.

Controls sugar and increase Insulin level

Jamboline and Jambosine in this rich fruit help to reduce the sugar level effectively and increase the insulin level naturally.

Other than these benefits it helps in treating women and men's infertility effectively. On eating this fruit on a regular basis, frequent urination stops, It also lowers the body heat. 

Eating this fruit increases Testosterone hormones. It eradicates mucus accumulation in the body and promotes Heart health.

A handful of Jamuns is like holding a handful of medicines, so enjoy eating Jamuns not only for health but also for its delicious taste.

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