“8” Shape Walking Exercise For Sound Health | Benefits Of “8” Shaped Walk

Eight Shaped Walk For Sound Health

Walking is one of the best exercises to keep your body healthy. We must walk with a free mind and not be distracted. Doing it right will maintain good health. In this modern world, morning jogs are becoming a fashion, and many people chat with friends in person or via mobile phones while walking.

Among walking exercises, the best walking exercise is the "eight-way walking method". It is supreme. This is one of the best methods suggested by yogis and achievers that can bring miraculous benefits. It should be practiced for 15-30 minutes every day. Only when we took the driver’s license test did we think of 8, we drove the car in a figure-eight circle, and we got the driver’s license.  But if we walk 8 lines, we will stay healthy. 

The Benefits Of Doing The "8" Walking Exercise: 

1.    During the "8" walking, our entire body (buttocks, abdomen, etc.) is twisting, and all organs are activated.

2.    After 30 minutes of walking, the nasal congestion disappeared, and both nostrils could feel free to breathe.

3.    At the same time, we can feel the cough in the lungs and the dissolution of the sinus cavity. Phlegm is eliminated by spitting or assimilation into the body, and your asthma will be reversed.

4.    Due to full breathing, five kilograms of oxygen is inhaled and the sputum is released into the lungs. Taking in five kilograms of oxygen can make the body full of vitality.

5.   Headaches, digestive problems, thyroid, obesity and knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and constipation was reversed.

6.    It can lower blood sugar levels and reverse diabetes and its complications after 8-walking  for half an hour twice a day for a year.

7.    Improves eyesight. Due to the focus on the figure-of-eight lines, eye problems such as myopia have been improved/reduced.

8.    Hearing ability is improved. Gentle walking can lower blood pressure.

9.    Practicing twice a day for half an hour can heal cracked feet and various knee pains.
10.The elderly and those who cannot do it on their own can do it with the help of others and even benefit from paralysis.

Shoulder, neck, back, waist, knees, heels, cervical and the lumbar spine, spondylitis, sciatica, disc prolapse, paralysis, depression, epilepsy, migraine, diabetic hypertension, thyroid, kidney and bladder stones, asthma, sinuses Inflammation, hemorrhoids, colitis, nervousness, insomnia, heart disease, kidney problems all benefit from this "8" step.

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