The 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Cumin

 Benefits and Uses of Cumin seeds/ Cumin amazing ingredient for better health

Cumin or Jeera is a seed used by the people for millennium. Though it originates from Western Asia, This aromatic seed is used almost all over the world. Cumin seeds 
are dried and it grows in sub-tropical regions.

This spice maybe gets famous for its aromatic tang, but it has a wide range of medicinal properties. Cumin has Thymol, a chemical that helps to stimulates the pancreas to produce bile juice.

Bile juice has a major role in our digestion.

Some of the interesting benefits of Cumin seeds are

  1. As mentioned above cumin is known for its digestional value. A tablespoon of these seeds works wonders for gas troubles.
  2. It has a fantastic aroma that helps to prepare aromatic dishes.
  3. Cumin has a strong punchy taste, spraying cumin powder to the dishes helps in improving the taste.
  4. Cumin aldehyde a chemical present in jeera helps to trigger your salvation impulse, just a whiff of jeera is enough to get the benefit.
  5. Jeera has thymoquinone, which helps in liver protection.
  6. It acts effectively against free radicals of the body
  7. It helps the Liver's natural detoxification and helps in rejuvenation.
  8. Cumin improves insulin sensitivity so it helps to maintain insulin levels.
  9. It helps to hydrates the body properly.
  10. It helps to eliminate morning nausea and dizziness.
  11. Jeera water promotes natural weight loss to the body.
  12. It helps to reduce bloating instantly.
  13. At the times of pregnancy, it reduces insomnia, flatulence, and chronic pains.
  14. High magnesium and potassium help to balance the blood pressure.
  15. Increased pressure in the abdominal region of pregnant women is effectively using cumin seeds.
  16. It promotes hair growth.
  17. Jeera helps to overcome anemia.
  18. It helps to treat crumps at the time of menstruation.
  19. It improves skin health, helps to rejuvenate the dead cells.
  20. Cumin has anti-aging properties, helps to look younger.

Apart from these good benefits, there are some side effects of cumin seeds one should check before using them.

  • As it lowers blood sugar levels, people should consult a doctor when pregnant.
  • Lactating mothers must reduce the amount of intake of Jeera seeds as it may reduce the milk flow.

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