Easy Ways To Decrease The Risk Of Heart Disease Without Tablets or Pills

Easy Ways To Decrease The Risk Of Heart Disease Without Tablets or Pills

1. Walking

Walking 3 to 4 times a week in just 40 minutes (or 25 minutes of more vigorous exercise, such as jogging) can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. Even 10 minutes at a time is good for your heart. Bring a dog or meet a friend in the park. If you have just started exercising or have just resumed exercising, start slowly. Talk to your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to exercise.

2. Meeting Your Friends

Your friends can really be good for you. Studies have shown that being alone, or most importantly, feeling lonely, is as harmful to the heart as smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, or not exercising. What matters is not how often you see people, but how you connect with others. Plan to meet an old friend. Or else make some new friends by joining a club.

3. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Nutrients and fiber (and low calories and fat) make them healthy for your heart. But they also contain antioxidants, which can help protect your cells from damage that can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Try to include products of different colors in your diet. You can also add them to foods you already like, such as adding vegetables to pizza or adding fruit to a bowl of cereal.

4. Beyond The Gym 

Not only does daily exercise reduce your risk of heart disease, but also your activity level throughout the day long. Even if you exercise regularly, indulging in TV for the rest of the day can be harmful to your health. Gardening, playing with children, walking to the bus, and even cleaning the house are all good ways to stay awake and active.

5. Doing Some Yoga 

Yoga is not just exercise, it is also a way to calm the mind and relieve stress. This can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and make you less anxious, which is good for your heart. If you do not like yoga, please take time to take other healthy ways to relax and reduce stress, such as meditation, listening to music, or your favorite hobby. 

6. Sleep For At Least 7 Hours Every Night

Your body needs a long period of deep rest. During this period, your heart rate and blood pressure will drop for a while, which is essential for heart health. If your sleep time is always less than 7 hours, your body will start to produce chemicals to prevent these things from happening. Lack of sleep is also related to inflammation and high blood sugar, which can be harmful to your heart.

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