WALNUTS For Increasing Brain Health!

 WALNUTS For Increasing Brain Health!

Walnuts Antioxidants For Your Brain

Your brain is a wonderful powerhouse for your body. It controls so many functions and requires so many resources to do so. At rest, up to 20% of your metabolism is due to brain activity alone. Now imagine that you are thinking deeply, talking, or doing something physical.

Your brain's high metabolism creates lots of reactive free radicals that your body naturally fights with antioxidant compounds to achieve a comfortable healthy balance. However, as we age, this balance can become more focused on oxidation (i.e. free radical damage) and inflammation. And that's why consuming antioxidants from whole food sources like walnuts is so important.

Research has shown that older people who eat more nuts appear to have a higher cognitive function and a slower decline in cognitive function over the years.

Walnuts have also been shown to be heart-healthy, and heart health is linked to brain health. When you reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, you also reduce risk factors for cerebrovascular disease such as stroke and cognitive impairment.

Therefore, nutritious foods like raw walnuts, which are full of brain fat and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, play an important role in reducing the risk and development of many chronic and debilitating diseases of the brain and body.

5 Ways To Get More Walnuts In Your Life

1. Walnuts are the best breakfast on the go. Just pop a handful in your favorite eco-friendly container and take it with you wherever you go.

2. Do you eat chocolate? Why not combine it with some walnuts? If possible, choose raw walnuts.

3. How about sprinkling walnuts on your salad? Or your soup? You can soak walnuts in water overnight to make them easier to digest.

4. Ever heard of peanut milk? How about walnut milk? In principle, you can use the nuts of your choice to make vegan nut milk without dairy. For walnuts, take a glass of toasted or raw bread and mix it with 2 cups of water in a high-speed mixer. Optionally add additives: 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and/or 2 teaspoon maple syrup.

5.Do you like dates? Tried filling the walnuts with dates? Just cut the date and put half a walnut where it came from. They taste great too with figs, just remove some of the seeds and squeeze the walnuts.


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