Fighting Diabetes With Healthy and Natural Food

Fighting Diabetes With Healthy and Natural Food

Diabetes is a lifestyle-related disease in which the blood sugar level is too high. Symptoms of the disease include thirst, urination, hunger, blurred vision, and unexplained weight loss. However, the disease and its symptoms can be controlled by following a well-planned diet chart.


There are two types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. The first is common in children, in which the pancreas does not produce insulin. The latter is considered to be the milder type in which the insulin produced by the pancreas is usually not enough.

It's a dangerous illness, but it's important to understand how to manage diabetes. Therefore, a good diet and caring for your body play an important role in controlling illness.


How Much Carbohydrates, Fats, And Proteins Can I Eat With A Healthy Diet?


The amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your plan depends on the ideal amount of calories you need to burn each day. Age, gender, and level of physical activity affect the number of calories you need to eat to gain, lose, or maintain a healthy weight.


A diet rich in fiber has been shown to improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Fiber is found in many foods, especially whole grains, beans, vegetables, nuts, and fruits.


List Of Diet Foods For Diabetics


Certain foods help lower blood sugar levels, which helps play an important role in the management of diabetes. Eating foods that prevent diabetic complications such as heart disease and kidney disease is also very beneficial.

These 12 diet foods for diabetics can play an important role in disease management. Now let's think about diet cards.


1.    Beetroots


Beetroots are not only delicious and satisfying, but they are also low in carbohydrates. They are also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients, all of which help control diabetes. When ingested, the natural sugar contained in beets does not rapidly change to glucose in the body, making it suitable for diabetics. Beets are also rich in antioxidants called lipoic acid, which protect cells from aging damage.


2.    Tomatoes


Lycopene-rich tomatoes are good for the heart. It also reduces the risk of heart complications associated with blood pressure and diabetes. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium. They are low in carbohydrates and low in calories, making them superfoods for diabetics.


3.    Pumpkin Seeds


Carry a handful of pumpkin seeds to combat your thirst for fat and sugar foods. They are rich in iron and unsaturated fats and help suppress your appetite. Always remember that portion control is paramount when eating.


4.    Flax seeds


Flax seeds contains a large amount of insoluble fiber called lignans. Flax seeds help reduce the chance for heart complications and the risk of diabetes-related strokes. It regulates blood sugar levels in the body and improves intestinal health and insulin sensitivity.


5.    Mixed Nuts


Nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and have a low glycemic index. Essential oils and overall nutrition in nuts help lower diabetes's inflammation, blood sugar levels, and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Consuming a handful of walnuts or about 30 grams per day is good for your overall health. Nuts can be a good alternative to carbohydrates.


6.    Whole Grains


Whole grains, such as barley and oats, are full of fibers that are slowly digested to prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Regular intake of whole grains can prevent weight gain, which is a major risk factor for diabetes. These are excellent sources of B vitamins, iron, and minerals. It also helps keep your digestive system healthy, lowers LDL cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

7.    Bitter Gourd


Bitter Gourd contains active substances that have anti-diabetic effects, such as keratin, which is known for its hypoglycemic effect, and insulin-like compounds, which are known for β-polypeptides. The best way to take it is to drink fresh bitter gourd juice early in the morning on an empty stomach. You can add a bit of Amla or Indian gooseberries to get your vitamin C dose for stronger immunity.


8.    Jamun


Jamun is one of the best fruits for diabetics. Ingestion of Jamun insulin is known to improve insulin sensitivity and activity. In Ayurveda, Jamun is used to treat digestive problems and Jamun seed powder is designated as an excellent home remedy for controlling high blood sugar levels. Jamun has a low glycemic index and helps convert starch into energy by controlling blood sugar levels.


9.    Methi Seeds


Seeds and Leaves of Methi are diabetic superfoods. It contains dietary fiber, which slows down the digestive process and helps regulate the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars in the body. They improve glucose tolerance and also reduce bad cholesterol levels. Methi seeds can be soaked overnight. To be healthy, you need to eat early in the morning on an empty stomach.


10. Guava


Guava has a low glycemic index and is rich in fiber to help treat constipation, which is common in diabetics. Some studies suggest that guava can help slow down the absorption of sugar in your body. Make a great meal snack.


11. Turmeric


Turmeric is considered an Ayurvedic superfood for diabetes. It can be an effective herbal way to control blood sugar levels. It regulates the function of the pancreas and balances insulin levels in the body. Which foods raise blood sugar levels?

The degree to which carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels is known as the glycemic index. Foods with a high glycemic index increase blood sugar levels faster and more significantly than foods with a low glycemic index.


12. Cinnamon


In addition to its powerful antioxidant properties, cinnamon is also known for its ability to control diabetes. According to some controlled studies, cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. However, you should consider limiting your intake of Cassia cinnamon to less than one cup per day. Because this type of cinnamon contains coumarin, high doses can cause health problems. Ceylon cinnamon, on the other hand, does not contain much coumarin.


The Foods With High Blood Sugar Are

• White bread, bagels

• Short-grain white rice

• Corn flakes

• Russet potatoes

• Cookies, pretzels

• Pumpkin

• Melon

• Pineapple

• Popcorn


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